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HRAL Working In A Billion Dollar Hearing Loss Market HearAtLast Holdings Inc, HRAL.PK

HRAL is a Nevada corporation that owns and operates its wholly-owned subsidiary of hearing stores co-located within select Wal-Mart stores throughout Canada.

HRAL facilities sell a selection of high quality brand name hearing aids and also offer complimentary screening tests, clinical hearing tests, high end ear buds and assistive listening devices.

A recent National Health Interview Survey showed hearing problems among individuals age 45 to 64 up 26 percent over the past 30 years.

Recently, HRAL announced it will be developing 25 new Hearing Store locations in various markets in the USA and Canada.

Watch HRAL as they grow..............

HRAL's mission is to consolidate the highly fragmented hearing services industry while providing unparalleled service to the estimated 30+ million hearing impaired individuals throughout North America.

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