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How to Choose the Best Social Trading Platform

When you think of a social community, the idea of a group of people with different ideas but the same interest comes to mind. This notion extends to social trading that revolves around the concept of interaction to achieve knowledge and growth in the trading world. Social trading utilizes collective wisdom to give inexperienced traders the information they need to make smart investment decisions while trading.

Social trading platforms are integral in providing tools that help in making the interactions easier. They do this by giving newbies access to portfolios, strategies, and techniques used by the more experienced traders in the industry. The ability to learn, ask questions and share ideas helps the traders to grow and acquire the necessary skills to manage risks as well as trade without losing out.

The risk factor, which poses a big challenge to most inexperienced traders, is normally due to the inability to fully analyze the fundamental and technical data while making trading decisions. With social trading, you will be able to utilize the expertise of other people by tracking and trading the techniques of other traders and ultimately make a significant amount of money.

The social trading platform that you choose will determine your success in your trading journey. Every platform offers different features that will either make the process easier or set you out on a losing streak. Owing to the fact that social trading platforms are based on following and copying a large number of traders, the best social trading platform should be able to give you access to as many active forex traders as possible. Other features of a great forex social trading platform include:

Number of traders

The functionality of a social trading platform is based on the ability and ease of interacting with other traders. To this effect, it is important for a platform to have a huge database of users in order to be able to take advantage of crowd wisdom to the fullest. Experts also state that the broader the variety of trading techniques and styles, the greater the ability for all traders in the network to trade and profit equally.

A network of smaller traders means that it will be easier for copy trading bubbles to be created due to the limited number of trading styles. It is also important to note that a large network means more regulations and subjection to scrutiny. This is a good thing because this means that any possibilities of manipulative trade, conflict of interest as well as other forex trading violations.

Sign up Process

When looking for a social trading platform, you should examine the requirements to sign up. Are you required to pay a fee? What kind of access does the account give you as an inexperienced broker? Are you required to have an account with a broker that the site recommends? Asking yourself these questions while looking at the platform’s profile will help you to make a more informed decision. The best platform should essentially have a free and simple sign up process that will give you full access to all the features.

Forums and Trading profiles

Is the trading profile detailed enough? Ensure that the forex social trading platform has full profiles of the traders. Look at the person’s trade history, trading approach, style, and strategy, the number of followers as well as their forex trading statistics. Your profile should also be detailed and complete for transparency purposes.

The forum should allow you to connect with other traders easily. They should give access to educational materials and have designated structures for analysis, discussion and trading with efficient management.


Forex social trading is a fun and simple way to learn how to trade as well as make money out of the activity. In order to optimize your experience, it is important to get the best social trading platform that will give you a sense of direction while traversing the trading world.

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