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A brief comparison between simple and complex trading system

Developing a strategy is what all the traders agree at the initial stage in Forex industry. But whether they will use a simple strategy or follow a complex strategy is where this trader gets divided. In our article, we are going to discuss what strategy is best for the market. Though it depends on the traders and every trader has got their own style in the market, you can still make money if your strategy is simple also. But having or using a complex strategy does not give you the certainty that you will be safer in the market. Professional in traders UK always say about keeping their strategy simple. It is because they have seen from their experience it is the best way to remain safe in Forex sector with a simple strategy. There are many millionaire Forex traders making a consistent profit just by using the key support and resistance levels in the market. Similarly, there are many new retail traders losing money by using the most complex trading system in the world. In trading, you need to keep your trading system very simple. There is no need to make things overly complicated when you can easily make money by using a simple trading strategy like price action.

Supporters of complex strategy

First, we are going to discuss why traders like to follow and develop a complex strategy in the market. They think many traders are trading in this sector, they need to have some breakthrough strategy to get an edge over the traders. They focus on the complex strategy which is consists of many Forex basic fundamentals. Forex market is itself very complex. There is no need for the traders to make it more complex. When you are using different patterns and charts in your trading platform to analyze the market, you need the least amount of information to get the picture of the trend. Too much information will jam your analysis. Though many traders like to trade with complex strategy, it is not good. If you can make money with the simple strategy, it is the best way to trade Forex. However, it’s true that if you can master the art of trading then you can make money by using a complex system. But trading is one of the most sophisticated business and we can’t afford to make any mistake. So it’s better for you to follow the path of the successful traders as they are still leading gorgeous life out of trading. You can easily trade in your online trading account by using a simple system and making a profit on a regular basis.

Supporters of Simple strategy: The best strategy

The second and last discussion that we are going to have is about the simple strategy. It is not without any reasons that professional traders have always favored using the simple strategy in this investment sector. If you go through any of the professional trader’s website, you will find many articles where they are telling the traders to keep it simple. They have even named this strategy as “Keep it simple strategy”. All you need to do is make money in this market. There is no relation with your strategy if it is easy or complex. If you can make your money in an easy way, there is no need to go the hard way. Making profit is all that matters and if it is possible with the simplest strategy, trade with a simple strategy. Always try to use simple strategy as they are the basics which are most important fundamentals for the traders.

Summary: You need to consider trading as your business and there is no need to make things complex. Learn the perfect way to trade the key support and resistance level and avoid using too many indicators. Focus on quality trade execution and trade in favor of the trend.

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