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Trading Strategies Every Options Trader Should Know

Many traders are interested in options trading and want to start trading options. But the most of these option market enthusiasts lack the knowledge about the options strategies which proves to be costly. Traders can take advantage of the flexibility and power of the options trading by putting little bit effort to learn the strategies that work and how to use them in their favour.


Some of the effective options strategies suggested by…


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A Compounding Strategy from a Roulette System Gambler

Let's say your starting capital is one thousand dollars ($1,000).  If the daily compounding were one…


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The new Stock Trends Report Profile section

A much longer time in coming than originally planned, the new Stock Trends Report 'Profile' section is installed …

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Emerging markets invitation

Emerging market stocks are earning back investor confidence. When the 'risk-on' button has been pushed market-timing traders are prepared to rotate into foreign equities at the earliest sign of sustained price momentum. Considering the muted volatility of the broad North American stock market, evidence of a blooming sector rotation to overseas equity risk is a welcome technical signal for investors.

In U.S. dollar terms, …


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Looking for an edge

The quantitative analysis presented here is an attempt to confront randomness in the stock market. Too often technical analysis is presented in a manner that misrepresents the nature of the market. In focusing on pattern recognition it is easy to make the assumption that patterns direct the market. It is a natural human condition to look for patterns and assign meaning to the chaotic world around us. However, there is danger in assuming that randomness is an unfortunate by-product of the…

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Intermarket Secular Shifts and the Great Rotation Trade: Long US Stocks, Short Treasuries

Intermarket Secular Shifts and the Great Rotation Trade: Long US Stocks, Short Treasuries

In the introduction to the last Bull Bear Market Report, I further developed the thesis that an impulsive equities bull market began in November 2012:

Most analysts continue to make the mistake of believing that a secular bull market started in March of 2009. The actual situation of this…


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Long Term Bullish on US Equities

Long Term Bullish on US Equities

In the March 10 BullBear Market Report, I concluded that the US equities markets had ended the long term bear market that started in 2000 with the November 2012 low and had begun a new, secular bull market:

This report comes down on the side of concluding that indeed a new, secular Bull Market has…


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Time for a Bull Market Correction

Time for a Bull Market Correction

The last BullBear Market Report concluded that:

a new, secular Bull Market began in November 2012. While there is still some chance that a bear market (D) wave top could come in the vicinity of the 2007 highs, evidence is mounting that the 2011-2012 period was a stealth (E) wave ending a long term…


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Top 2013 stock picks

check also penny stocks to buy Thoughts ?

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European Financial Stocks, Follow These Closely

All of the major stock indexes in Europe and the United States has been weak ever since Ben Bernanke announced his QE-3 program on September 13, 2012. It seems that the QE-3 announcement by the central bank was a "sell the news" event and stock markets have been in correction mode ever since. The day after the QE-3 program was announced, the S&P 500 Index traded as high as $1474.51 on that session before topping out. This past week, the S&P 500 Index…


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Save dollars and build wealth - Keep your future secured

Are you thinking to increase your wealth and secure your future? Do you find that saving money from your regular income is not enough to grow your wealth? If yes, then you must be looking for some ways by which you will be able to accumulate good amount of wealth. Although it may be a difficult process to grow wealth initially, but by working hard you will surely be able to save dollars and increase your wealth.…


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Next Bear Market Leg Beginning

Since the July 9th BullBear Market Report, the US stock market has apparently completed an ABCDE ascending triangle pattern to complete the rally off the June low.  This is being confirmed by a mounting body of technical evidence which strongly suggests we have either seen the top to the rally or that it is nearby.  The Introduction to the last report…


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Occasionally the SEC and other regulators will castigate, actually punish, fraudulent events on Wall Street.  Of course the real punishment is only meted out to individuals and small companies.  Mega banks – the banking mafia – are largely immune.


Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading in 2004 – a relatively small amount – and was sent to jail.  It was an act of fraud alright, but it pales in comparison to the fraud of Wall Street banks.


Phil Falcone, a once…


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Value Line Geometric Index Predicts Major Stock Market Top

Value Line Geometric Index Predicts Major Stock Market Top

Source link:

Last week I posted analysis showing that the monthly RSI…


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Global Financial Market Panic in Progress

"There is only one side to the stock market; not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side"  --Jesse Livermore, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator


One year ago today I detailed to BullBear Traders members my reasons…


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Facebook IPO May Break the Market and Initiate a Free Fall Crash

Let me start by clarifying something.  I am not saying that the market could crash spectacularly in the next few days and that in that event the Facebook IPO would be a major contributing factor.  I am not saying that.  The market is saying it.

Facebook boosts IPO size by 25 percent, could top $16 billion

Facebook Inc increased the size of its initial…


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Bullish Consensus Creates High Risk of Potential Near Term Global Financial Market Crash

High Risk of Near Term Global Financial Market Crash


At each juncture, I look at the available information as represented in the market price and technical data.  I approach the body of evidence without preconception and with an open "beginner's mind".  I see what I see.  I analyze.  I develop a set of probabilistic outcomes and then rank them. Then I write my report.  I simply report my…


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A bit of economic news sparked a minor rally on Tuesday.  The Dow touched a new 4 year intraday high and the financial news media celebrated the moment with banner headlines:…


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Why S&P 500 Can Rally Back to the 2007 High

BullBear Trading: Stock and Financial Market Technical Analysis

As the S&P 500 hovers at its February 2011 high and the Dow toys with its May 2011 peak, many market participants are looking for an important top soon. While I am certainly aware of some good arguments for a new bear plunge--in fact I've been favoring a major top in the first or…


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