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USD/JPY falls below 109.50 to 8-week lows after US data

The yen strengthened in the market after a lower-than-expected reading of US wholesale inflation in July and after Wall Street's red opening. The USD/JPY is trading at 109.50, the lowest level since June 14.

The price remains negative and is testing the support of 109.50, in case of falling below, the next areas to take into account can be seen at 109.10 / 15 (June 7 low) and 108.80 (June low).



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EUR/CHF ready for further rises - Danske Bank

Aila Mihr, an analyst at Danske Bank, evaluated the recent price action around the EUR/CHF pair and short-term outlook.


Key statements:


"The EUR/CHF continued to rise on Friday and the crossing gained more than 3% last week. The move is surprising as it came without new…


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Why most novice traders fails in the forex market

Trading the financial instrument is one of the most complex tasks in the world. Every single day the number of retail traders in the financial market is increasing at an exponential rate due to its extreme level of profit potential. If you look at the professionalSingaporean traders then you will notice that most of them are making a decent profit in every single month. But in order to make a consistent profit, you must have a very clear understanding of the basic of the forex market. If you…


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USD/JPY: technically bearish, but BOJ on the way

The USD / JPY extended its decline to 111.55 on Wednesday, its lowest since June 27, with the persistent dollar weakness as the main driver for the pair. US data published before the opening of Wall Street were better than expected, but it was not enough to push the pair back above the 112.00 level, and in fact the aforementioned minimum was achieved after publication. During the next Asian session, Japan will publish its trade balance figures for June, and more relevant, the latest monetary…


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EUR / USD at highs near 1.1440 post-NFP

The single currency is increasing the pace against the dollar after the US NonFarm Payroll data is known, directing the EUR / USD pair to the 1.1435 / 40 area.

EUR / USD post data NFP US

The pair added momentum on Friday after the US economy added 222,000 jobs during June, exceeding estimates for a gain of 179,000 and higher than 152,000 in May (revised 138,000). In…


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Rising popularity of trading though smartphones

The modern world is now the age of computer and smartphone. All of the electronic devices we use now a day, the smartphone is the most popular and widely used device. All companies are trying to focus on the development of smartphone and tech giants like Samsung and Sony have their own research centers for advancing the smartphone technology. It does not surprise the traders in the market that their favorite trading platform is now being offered on their respective app store. If you are not…


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You can't be right every time in Forex

There is one thing that separates the great athletes from the average athletes. They have the mentality to accept a loss in the race. If you have seen any Olympic, you will see that there are times when the player stopped racing and helped a fellow racer to complete the race. They have already lost their position in the racing because they have stopped in their running, they will not win any medal in the Olympic which comes in every 4 years. They have won the heart of the millions of viewers…


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A clear overview of the most traded candlestick pattern in the forex market

Understanding the Japanese candlestick pattern is very complicated for the new traders. You have to know the meaning of each pattern in the candlestick chart. Not only that, you also have to understand the single candlestick analysis, double candlestick analysis, and the triple candlestick analysis. There are many important things that you need to keep in mind to analyze the market with the candlestick pattern. In this article, we will give you simple meanings of all the Japanese patterns…


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The minimum time period to become a successful trader

There are many people in the world who often ask the question, “How long it takes to become a professional trader?” This a very reasonable question asked by the novice traders but to be honest there are no specific answers to this question. The amount of time required to become a profitable trader in the forex market greatly depends upon your devotions and dedications in the forex market. However, there are certain things that you need to learn in order to become a professional trader and…


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Can you really make a living by trading

The Forex market is the break from traditional earnings so it has become the popular market. By trading the financial instrument people can earn a decent amount so it can be considered as something that you do for the living. It is the usual dream of traders to earn a lot and to obtain financial freedom and to support their living. The traders do not have to do boring jobs, no more administrations, no more email or useless meeting. There are many other people in the world that are eager to…


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Top three things that you consider trading as full-time profession

Trading the financial instrument is an art and requires simple but perfect knowledge of the financial industry. There is a strong reason behind the rising popularity of the forex trading. Unlike any other business if you truly know how to trade the live assets in the market than you sky will be the limit for your potential earnings. The forex market has ample of things to offer to the right candidate and similarly if you trade the financial instrument without having a  proper knowledge of…


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Apple Inc. $AAPL RSI +/- Pattern Analysis

Stock Trends Report on Apple Inc. $AAPL

RSI +/- Pattern Analysis

The current 6 week Stock Trends RSI+/- pattern is ( ++++++ ) (outperforming the SPX for 6 consecutive weeks)

With 22 historic occurrences there is a probability of 61.1 percent to see a (+) after this pattern. When this (+) appears we estimate, with confidence of 95 %, that the mean 1-week returns which follow will be…


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Top 4 Secrets to Choose the Right Forex Broker

The foreign exchange market or the forex market is the biggest financial market because of its liquidity and regular turn over. Every day, more than 4 trillion dollars are traded here on a daily basis. This is the reason that the foreign exchange market is the largest global financial market. It is larger than the stock or the future market. Every day, more and more people are trading here in an attempt to earn some more money. Trading in this market is risky, as you can lose your real…


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Trading Strategies Every Options Trader Should Know

Many traders are interested in options trading and want to start trading options. But the most of these option market enthusiasts lack the knowledge about the options strategies which proves to be costly. Traders can take advantage of the flexibility and power of the options trading by putting little bit effort to learn the strategies that work and how to use them in their favour.


Some of the effective options strategies suggested by…


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A Compounding Strategy from a Roulette System Gambler

Let's say your starting capital is one thousand dollars ($1,000).  If the daily compounding were one…


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The new Stock Trends Report Profile section

A much longer time in coming than originally planned, the new Stock Trends Report 'Profile' section is installed …

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Emerging markets invitation

Emerging market stocks are earning back investor confidence. When the 'risk-on' button has been pushed market-timing traders are prepared to rotate into foreign equities at the earliest sign of sustained price momentum. Considering the muted volatility of the broad North American stock market, evidence of a blooming sector rotation to overseas equity risk is a welcome technical signal for investors.

In U.S. dollar terms, …


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Looking for an edge

The quantitative analysis presented here is an attempt to confront randomness in the stock market. Too often technical analysis is presented in a manner that misrepresents the nature of the market. In focusing on pattern recognition it is easy to make the assumption that patterns direct the market. It is a natural human condition to look for patterns and assign meaning to the chaotic world around us. However, there is danger in assuming that randomness is an unfortunate by-product of the…

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Intermarket Secular Shifts and the Great Rotation Trade: Long US Stocks, Short Treasuries

Intermarket Secular Shifts and the Great Rotation Trade: Long US Stocks, Short Treasuries

In the introduction to the last Bull Bear Market Report, I further developed the thesis that an impulsive equities bull market began in November 2012:

Most analysts continue to make the mistake of believing that a secular bull market started in March of 2009. The actual situation of this…


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Long Term Bullish on US Equities

Long Term Bullish on US Equities

In the March 10 BullBear Market Report, I concluded that the US equities markets had ended the long term bear market that started in 2000 with the November 2012 low and had begun a new, secular bull market:

This report comes down on the side of concluding that indeed a new, secular Bull Market has…


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