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One Hour Per Week Trader... My Pick for October 2011

My pick for the month of October is TLH on NYSE, or XLB on TSX.


Disclaimer: The information above is exactly that - information that my statistical model suggest that there is little bit less of 70% probablity (see historical data on previous posts) that this trade will be profitable.  I'm not suggesting in any way that you should do what I'm doing.  If you do it, this is your sole responsibility!  All losses that can (and will!) occur using this model is your sole…


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One Hour per Month Trader... Continued... Basic Method...

There are following rules that I follow:

1.  At time of decision compare criteria for chosen stocks and choose one best

2.  Criteria is: longer moving average results, shorter moving average and volatility

3.  If the chosen stock is the best, but is below 50 day moving average, all goes to cash (or SHY if you prefer).

4.  If a chosen stock during the month closes below 50 day moving average for two consecutive days, convert all to cash (or SHY if you…


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One Hour per Month Trader... Now Technique...When to Trade

When to trade?

Last day of a month is ideal for this trading systems (and for some others too!) at around half an hour before the close.  Why?  First trading day in a month is statistically the best day for trading (if you pick the right stock)!  On the first in any month fund managers are reviewing their positions and entering new positions - more often than not for window dressing.  Say that you want to trade only one day per month - first of a month - buy at open and sell at…


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One Hour per Month Trader - Continued. Results

My Stock Picks…

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What I Don't Trade...

What I (absolutely) Don’t Trade…

“Hey, why not trading gold!? It’s such a good investment in these times!”, or “How about crude oil, omg produced fantastic result!”. “Have you thought of natural gas!?”

I always agree with those statements, just I don’t know how to play it – so I won’t. The truth is: gold, oil or natural gas, or commodities in general, are not good candidates for my model. They are so volatile, that risk way outweigh potential benefits. Results using those… Continue

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One Hour per Month Trader - Continued... What do I trade!

I want to spend as little time as possible on picking what to trade.  This automatically eliminates stocks of any individual companies.  Picking stocks is hard work.  It requires research, and frankly is very close to gambling, regardless who's doing research.  Accounting scandals, CEOs getting fired, litigations, you name it...  Don't have time, not a gambler, so, those are out of question.  This leads me to picking only in the universe of ETFs.


Next, I want to be able to…


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Starting... One Hour per Month Trader

Little bit tacky title, eh?  Well, here I will try to explain my trading strategy in last two and a half years. 


The strategy produced 67% compounded gain yearly, and today's worth is around four times initial capital.  The strategy required extensive backtesting and lots of work upfront, but once introduced, it requires less then one hour per month worth of work!


It is completely statistical model, and involves trend following with some safety features...  In…


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