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After the Closing Bell: The BullBear Market Report

Listen and call in to The BullBear Market Report AFTER THE BELL. (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 49703;

Mondays and Thursdays After the Closing Bell…


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Trendless Consolidation Will Give Way to Major Move


May 25, 2009

A period of trendless consolidation has begun. Will it resolve to the updside or downside?


Since the last BBMR on May 9th, the equities markets have made a top and generally (though not universally) the trend from the March bottom has been broken. There is no clear downtrend in force as yet and…


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The "Bull or Bear" Debate Will Be Resolved Soon

The BullBear Market Report

May 9th, 2009

The transition from the Fear trade to the Inflation trade is in progress.




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$RUT update using the F-Shift Forecaster - trouble on the horizon?? part2

The attached web tutorial picks up where I left off, clearly illustrating how the forecaster makes its calls and the insight one can gain when comparing the weighted vs. the Non- weighted probable outcomes. The accuracy is uncanny and opinions are non existant when making this important "call" in such a broad based tracking stock such as the $RUT.

Enjoy the attached web tutorial and feel free to email me with any questions or even if… Continue

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Be be careful of the $RUT - F-Shift Forecaster uncovers chinks in the armor

The Russell 2000 (RUT) is a GREAT proxy for what may or may not happen in the market given its broad scope of stocks. Using the F-Shift Forecaster©, I have uncovered a possible "chink" in the armour of this current rally which would suggest it (the rally) may be nearing an end. If this current and very accurate forecast holds true, then the overall market is ripe for a pullback. Just how MUCH of a correction does the F-Shift Forecaster call for?…


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Building an $OIH option strategy using the F-Shift forecaster

Today I am going to walk you through the how and the why of a particular strategy that I am implementing on the ETF stock OIH. As most will already know the OIH diversifies your investment in the oil services industry through a single exchange listed instrument. Often times I have found that it does not always track the price of crude closely but having said that it can be a great trading instrument especially when building options strategies… Continue

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Taking market Forecasting to the next level - F-Shift Forecaster and why it works for options traders

When I created the F-Shift Forecaster©, I realized that the true strength of this platform is in the weighting capabilities. I have written extensively about this dynamic at play and you can reference my blog archives if you wish to bring yourself up to speed on this topic. I did realize however, that one of the design shortfalls in the platform was its inability to immediately compare the differences between the 2 unique forecasts (weighted and… Continue

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$IBM, $RIMM, $BA F-Shift Forecaster accountability check

12 trading days ago I posted 3 probable outcomes using the F-Shift Forecaster© on individual stocks - IBM (International Business Machines), RIMM (Research in Motion), and BA (Boeing). Today we are going to review those 3 forecasts and hold myself and the Forecaster accountable. I have embedded the actual spreadsheet that I posted on my blog on May 5, 2009 above.

I am using… Continue

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Predicting probable outcomes and how it works within the F-Shift Forecaster

What's 18% of 60?? The answer is 10.8. How about 21% of 60?? The answer is 12.6. The problem with both results is that they are NOT whole numbers, which in itself is not an issue, but when using the F-Shift Forecaster© effectively, it generates nonsensical results. To address this challenge I took the 60 historical data points that I populate the Forecaster with and multiplied each number by 10 thereby producing a data "pool" of 600 with which the… Continue

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FAS On Fire After BAC Upgraded To “Buy”

Go to to read the article.

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F-Shift Forecaster in action on RIMM - web tutorial part #1

You have been reading me blog about the power of the F-Shift Forecaster© and today I have attached the 1st of a 4 or 5 part series of web tutorials highlighting the logistics of populating the platform with data from Yahoo finance and then modeling probable outcomes. Again this is the 1st in the series and I will be adding additional tutorials which show you the power of incorporating both the "biasing" and "weighting" components of the forecaster.

F-Shift ForecasterAs always,… Continue

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F-Shift Forecaster probable market forecasts on IBM, RIMM and BA

In today's post, I am going to put the F-Shift Forecaster© to the test and post the probable ranges for 3 stocks that are widely traded. Call it an accountability check which in 12 trading days we will come back and review just how accurate or inaccurate, my proprietary approach to modeling future prices actually works. Before I do that, let's back test the F- Shift Forecaster's© accuracy with and without the weighting component. To understand this concept a bit clearer and the process that the… Continue

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