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EUR/USD finds it hard to rise, remains depressed

  • The EUR/USD is trading below 1.1600 once again, unable to stage a meaningful recovery.
  • The ECB says downside risks have intensified as markets await the next US and Chinese tariffs.
  • The technical charts show that the former uptrend support caps the pair.

The EUR/USD is trading below 1.1600 once again after falling early on Wednesday and then recovering. The movements in the pair are relatively limited…


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Bank of Canada raises the interest rate by 25 basis points to the highest level since January 2009

As expected, the Bank of Canada raised the benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points from 1.25% to 1.50%. The last rise had been in January, also 25 basis points. In this way, the rate is at the highest level since January 2009.

In the statement, the Canadian central bank said it expects the world economy to grow around 3.75% in 2018 and 3.5% in 2019, in line with the April monetary…


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What are the things successful traders do differently?

Many people want to know what successful people do differently in their career. They all start with the same amount ad these people seem to ride on a rocket and reach their goal much faster. When the novice traders do not understand their differences in their trading style and think it is, all the same, these people do something different in their trades. This article is going to tell you the different things that these people do in the Forex industry.


Multiple time…


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Ethereum price analysis: The ETH / USD is rejected from $ 530 and loses more than 1% on the day

The price of the Ethereum is stuck inside a side channel, although it has broken above the bearish trend line. The cryptocurrency has been flirting with the resistance zone around the $ 530 level since yesterday. However, it has retreated and lost more than 1% on the day, to find another support around $ 520.

Digital assets are struggling to achieve further consolidation after the recent…


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uBanker: A Brief Overview

The first thing that will catch the attention of the trader seeking a Forex/CFD broker is whether the broker has been authorized by a regulatory body to conduct trading. uBanker is an unlicensed Forex broker but according to the customer reviews, their clients consider uBanker to be quite a safe option to trade Forex/CFDs. The motto of uBanker is “Take control of your finances. Learn to invest like bankers do.”

The registration process at…


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Ontega: Your Trustworthy Trading Partner

If you are looking for a safe and reliable online trading partner then, Ontega should be your first choice. It is a reputed trading broker site that deals with margin FX and CFD trading services, with the effective use of their online trading platform. All of their services are processed by Rehoboth Ltd, situated in Cyprus. Their trading platform is specially designed for the beginners.

Their trading platform consists of all information related to trading like – why you need to start…


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Features of Online Trading Platform of Financika Nigeria

Financika is an online trading platform which offers opportunities to both experienced traders and beginners who have no knowledge about forex trading. The following are the positive features that make Financika an ideal trading platform:

  1. Online trading services: Starting from imparting novices the knowledge of forex trading, to using the most innovative and state-of the artonline trading technology, Financika…

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Three most advanced tools in Forex trading platform

People are always looking for an alternative source of income to make their life better. Even after having a top class degree, there is no guarantee you will get a decent job in the world of economic crisis. Due to this fact, many people in the United Kingdom often want to start their own business. But the development of a new business from the scratch is very time consuming and costly. Due to this fact, the trading profession has gained huge popularity since elite class broker like Saxo is…


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What should be the frame of mind of a Forex trader

Traders' behaviors have the direct connection with the trading success. Most traders don't offer enough importance to trading behavior. The Forex market is certainly uncertain yet it is a wonderful market. The Singaporean traders prefer trading to be their career because they consider it as a wonderful market. The whole trading process involves risks and challenges but the trader should find trading methods to mitigate risks. A naïve trader should understand that behavior of a successful…


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Why do you need to keep your trading system simple

Simple is always best. All the successful people in today’s world have made their fortune based on the simple idea. Similarly, when it comes to trading strategy, we need to keep things simple. Developing the most complicated trading system in the world is not going to make us rich. We have to understand how this market works and how to place a trade in favor of the long-term market trend. If you seek help from the professional traders at Saxo, they will tell you to develop the simple trading…


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Importance of rational expectations in Forexmarket

There are lots of people who make the small profit in Forex. If you look at the professionals, you will find that all of them are making profit consistently. They may have losses in their trades but when they are ending their trades they have profit. This is called consistent profit and you also need to do that with your trades. You cannot make money if you try to make the big profit in your trades. This article will tell you why do you need you make the small profit in Forex. When the…


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Focus on one trade at a time

There are many reasons why tars lost their money in the market. One of the reasons is they focus on too many trades at a time. If you look at the trades of successful traders and successful professional traders, you will find one thing that is common in them. They are focusing on one important trade one at a time. When we are busy with our trades and think that we need to shift our focus on all of the trades to make our profit, they place only one trades and focus all of their importance on…


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Stock Trends Picks of the Week analysis

January  22,  2018
Picks of the Week and ST-IM Select stocks reports analysis

-by  Skot Kortje, Stock Trends Analyst

The Picks of the Week and the ST-IM Select stocks…


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How to Choose the Best Social Trading Platform

When you think of a social community, the idea of a group of people with different ideas but the same interest comes to mind. This notion extends to social trading that revolves around the concept of interaction to achieve knowledge and growth in the trading world. Social trading utilizes collective wisdom to give inexperienced traders the information they need to make smart investment decisions while trading.

Social trading platforms are integral in providing tools that help in…


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EUR/USD extends the rebound above 1.2050, with looks on the US ADP.

After a temporary correction seen the previous day, bulls resumed control on Thursday, pushing EUR / USD higher, in an attempt to test the 2017 high at 1.2092.

EUR/USD: FOMC minutes lead USD movement

Having found a solid support just ahead of the 1.2000 level on multiple occasions, the EUR / USD pair is extending its solid rebound above 1.2050, as a new sale of the generalized USD returns to the market before the macroeconomic publications of the United States. United. The US…


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Dealing with the currency pairs in Forex market

Trading in Forex is like trading in an investment market where other traders are placing their trades and if you are successful with your strategy, you will get out of the market with money. Most of the people think they cannot make their profit in Forex when they are trading with currency pairs for the first time. It is natural for them as they do not know how to analyze the market, read the chart and they lose their money. When you are trading initially in Forex with currency pairs, there…


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Importance having a strong knowledge of Forex

Most traders do not have the basic of Forex trading in their career. Many of the people who have come to trade the market has followed their masters or they want to make money, they have no training in this market and they do not know how the trend of the market can give them money. All of these traders want to make money but they lose their investment as they do not have the basic knowledge of market trading. If you are a trader in Forex and you want to make the profit, the first thing that…


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Should traders follow the Forex masters strategy?

When traders are following the strategy of Forex masters, many traders think that they should not follow these strategies. These strategies are made and worked up by the professionals. You cannot expect to make a profit when you are trading in Forex with another strategy. Though these professional traders have been in this market for trading along time, it does not mean you can trade the market for their strategy. A lot of people are in confusion if they should use the strategies simply made…


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How to select the best social trading platform

In the Forex market, there are certain decisions which are extremely hard to decide and one of the hardest decisions is to select the best trading platform. Let us focus on the Forex social trading it is when the successful traders and the naïve traders interact with one another to achieve trading goals. So, as we discussed before the hardest decision is to select the best social trading platform Forexyet there are many traders who have selected it by analyzing perfectly. Through the online…


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The perfect way of getting fully invested in Forex market

People who are trading in Forex are losing money and there is no way you can stop them from investing in Forex. If you think that losing your money is the only way to make money, you are wrong. There are a lot of traders in Forex who have lost their investment and they have come back again in Forex trading with more investment. This is an investment market and many people are giving money to the professionals. These professionals can double your investments and it is a good way to earn money…


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