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With the mess created by the hedge fund industry and the many frauds that are being reported in the media, why should we continue to allow our brokerage firms to make money for themselves (without seeking our permission and without paying a borrowing fee) by loaning out our stock to people who are betting against our long positions with the result that there is much more market volatility and extreme price movements?

How do we benefit. I know how the brokerage firms benefit but how do we benefit from this policy? Are we not harmed by it?

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Shorting provides liquidity in the market. Liquidity and volatility are perhaps the same, depending on whose defination you are sync with. The mechanisms of the market are entwined with these peaks and valleys. Tech ana. would be a completed bore without it!

Historically everytime there has been a market going off a buffalo jump -"shorting"-a filthy word to many, as been blamed as a major culprit. However, shorting is simply a tool. It doesn't have a personality, an ego, mortgage payments or dental bills. The same applies to hedge funds. Its the disgusting human personalities that are the authors of misfortune, theirs and others. It is simply a case of greed ego and more greed. A very large percentage, in my opinion, of the invest/financial community (Wall Street, Bay Street, Threadneedle Street) are corrupt hipocrites out to fleece those who believe in their marketing as quickly and throughly as possible. Again history is the withness it has happened on a consistent basis over centuries.

The longs get squeezed and the shorts get squeezed. The trick is to take advantage of both while staying very......nimble is a good word I guess.

I think permission and fees, a you suggest are fine ideas. I would be happy if puts and calls were available on all equities. Natually we would a much better exchange to trade them on if this were the case rather than the Rrogues Gallery of the MSX.

We need people to short.





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